Mishi Bhushan

untitled-3Swimming in the sea of creativity and innovation, Mishi Bhushan is this year’s United to Serve Publicity chair. Mishi was born in Dezful, Iran and has a name that means different things in different languages! As a lover of the sciences and the humanities, Mishi is the leader of the Medical Humanities Interest Group and an Outreach Liason for the UTSW chapter of FACTS. Passionate about both public health and clinical medicine, Mishi is pursuing a dual degree MD/MPH degree! In her free time, Mishi loves to explore the world through travel, spend quality time with friends and family, and play the piano. Her love for the creative arts stems from her high school Digital Imaging class and her time on her high school newspaper, The Evergreen. Mishi can speak three languages fluently and is hoping to go into Med/Peds.