Health Education Booths

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We compare normal aging and age-related diseases while offering tips for health maintenance.  For fun, we also simulate some age-related processes.  Attendees can put on non-prescription glasses smeared with petroleum jelly, imitating presbyopia and cataracts.  While their vision is impaired they can attempt to pick up pennies and get them in a jar for a prize.  In our second activity, we play Memory:  a card matching game.  This segues into a comparison of normal changes in memory and common forms of dementia.  We will be giving out free health supplements (Fish Oil, Viactiv, etc.) to patrons of the fair.

Alcohol Awareness

Visitors can try on beer goggles to see how alcohol affects perception vision and balance!  We demonstrate how a standard quantity of alcohol changes with different alcoholic beverages.  We also discuss the secondary effects of alcohol using pictures, and answer questions about the physical and social effects of alcohol abuse.  We provide flyers with resources for alcohol abuse.


If you’ve had personal experiences with asthma or would like to learn more about it, this is the booth for you!  We educate kids on the causes, risk factors, and presentation of an asthma attack.  We also discuss the basic mechanism.  After our discussion, patrons can simulate an asthma attack.  We will be giving out informative flyers about asthma and free clinics.

Bike Safety

Come learn about the importance of helmets!  To get kids excited about wearing helmets, we are giving them away!  And don’t forget to stop by our helmet-decorating station!  Our volunteers help make sure the new helmets fit correctly.  In addition, we teach patrons about hand signals for cyclists and discuss the basics of riding safely.  Then patrons can test their skills on our outdoor bike course.  All visitors can participate in our Mega-Raffle where we give away one brand new bicycle!


We discuss the nutritional and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and her infant.  There will be an interactive component to demonstrate the benefits baby receives through breastmilk compared to formula. Of course, Mom’s had to stay healthy too while breastfeeding, so we  have some nutrition tips for Mom to help keep her baby and her body well.

Colon Cancer

Breast cancer and testicular cancer get a lot of media attention, but colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and the third most lethal.  Although colon cancer doesn’t get the attention it deserves, it is a common and preventable disease.  We share a few personal stories emphasizing the importance of screening colonoscopies and discuss the risk factors for the disease.


A concussion is a common type of sports injury that affects your brain.  Our aim is to educate parents and kids about concussions, including the signs and symptoms and how to prevent them.  We demonstrate what happens inside a person’s head during a concussion using an egg in a tupperware container.


Be a lifesaver!  Learn to recognize a heart that has stopped beating and how to use chest compressions and assisted respirations to attempt to keep a person alive.  Come to the CPR booth and get some hands-on practice on dummies with this simple two-step method!


We educate patrons about dermatological diseases that affect our Hispanic population including eczema, vitiligo, fungal infections, melasma, and acne.  We provide pamphlets that help visitors recognize these skin disorders and seek the medical attention they need.

Disease Prevention

This year we are focusing on the Zika virus and mosquito bite prevention.  We discuss mosquito repellant, clothing choices, and indoor and outdoor mosquito safety.  We also discuss the sexual transmission and vertical transmission of the Zika virus.  Finally, we offer precautions for traveling abroad to Zika-affected areas.

Fad Diet Myths

Our booth will be aimed at dispelling myths about dieting and weight loss.

Fire Safety

STOP! DROP! AND ROLL! It is essential to have a safety plan should you encounter a fire hazard inside or outside your home. This booth instructs you on the safest options should those situations arise. Visitors will draw a safety escape route for their own homes in case of fire. In addition, patrons will learn common fire hazards found within the home and how to reduce their risk.  Participants can also simulate an escape route within a mock home set up at the fair.

First Aid

High quality first aid can preserve life and limb when it comes to recovering from an injury.  First aid can be performed by anyone with basic training and knowledge, so we instruct visitors on a few key signs and procedures.  We demonstrate the Heimlich maneuver and how to manage cuts, broken limbs, burns, snake and bug bites, and heat exhaustion before emergency services arrive.  Patrons can create their own first aid kits, and there will be a raffle for a large, complete kit.


Families will come to the booth where we will demonstrate exercises and hold competitions for bragging rights.  We will observe and instruct so we can ensure that participants are using the correct form. We will also discuss proper portion sizes and sample exercise schedules.

Free Clinics

We raise awareness about various clinics in our area that provide free health services.   We discuss the requirements for recieving care at each clinic (insurance, documents, proof of residency, etc.) and also provide information about Medicaid and CHIP.  This booth is a great way to become familiar with the health care options for uninsured patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a common disease colloquially referred to as acid reflux or heartburn.  GERD affects every community and is growing rapidly in the United States. Early symptoms include acidity, nausea, and indigestion.  Preventative healthcare, education, and simple remedies can prevent the progression of GI irritation into full-blown GERD.  This booth offers advice on harmful diets, the effect of NSAIDS, and also describes the consequences of GERD.

Hand Washing

We teach the benefits of proper handwashing in preventing the spread of germs by demonstrating the proper technique to wash one’s hands.  With the Glo Germ Kit, participants will be able to assess how well they are washing their hands by seeing how much germs they have on their hands before and after washing.  Travel-sized hand sanitizers will be handed out to everyone who visits this booth!

Health Myths

Thanks to the internet and social media, reliable health information is more available than ever before. For the average consumer, however, there is actually too much information available. Without a collegiate, graduate, and sometimes a doctoral education, false information cannot be consistently discerned from the fads, exaggerations, and biased experiments that cloud the accurate health information. We aim to present and shoot down common health myths and provide understandable explanations, in Spanish as well as English. A companion website allows attendees to ask questions in either language and get answers directly from a member of the scientific or medical community.

Heart Health

We show how reducing sodium intake, reducing saturated fat, and increasing omega 3’s can reduce the risk of heart disease.  We will discuss ways to recognize heart disease and what to do if you think you are having a heart attack.

Immunization Education

We highlight the importance of receiving complete vaccine coverage in both children and older adults. We emphasize the local resources available through which vaccines can be obtained, school district immunization requirements, and the importance of getting the flu shot. We offer information about the timeline of vaccination, where to go, and why vaccines are important.

Men’s Health

Men are less likely than women to visit a healthcare provider each year. However, regular preventive care can help men live a long and healthy life. This booth provides information regarding important men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, contraceptives, and other general health habits.


The Parenting Booth serves the purpose of relaying practical advice to parents and parents-to-be. We will focus on three main age groups, including newborns, young children, and adolescents. For parents with newborns, we will emphasize self-care, diaper changing, swaddling, and choking hazards. For parents of young children, we will discuss the importance of nutrition, giving suggestions of substitutions for common unhealthy snacks and eating habits. Finally, we will give tips for college preparation to parents with older children.

Personal Safety

The purpose of our booth is to raise awareness on domestic violence.  We discuss the signs of abuse in a relationship as well as the signs and standards of a healthy relationship.  We provide resources for support and an emotional outlet for those who have experienced abuse or know someone who has experienced it.  Our primary agenda is to provide encouragement for individuals going through an abusive relationship and realize they are not alone.

Plants and Your Health

Plants not only brighten your home, but also have a host of other health benefits. Plants help fight indoor pollution and can reduce stress and anxiety. Plus you can grow your own herbs to add to healthy recipes at home. We have volunteers handing out free plants and explaining the benefits of plants and what types of plants are good to have in a home.

Poison Control

This booth highlights how dangerous many common household items can be around children.  Furthermore, we will educate attendees on how to handle accidental or intentional poisonings by giving them poison control hot lines.


This booth discusses the general timeline and stages of pregnancy.  We address important pregnancy topics including the signs & symptoms, proper nutrition and exercise, where to find prenatal care, birth control methods after pregnancy, and resources for fertility medicine.  We provide information about community resources for women who are pregnant or are looking to become pregnant, as well as for women who are having difficulty conceiving.  We also provide postnatal information and resources for information about birth control methods and breastfeeding.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Prosthetics and orthotics professionals help amputees, patients with musculoskeletal disabilities, and those with injuries regain self-confidence and an improved quality of life. This booth showcases some of the devices we make as well as give a basic overview of the field of prosthetics and orthotics.

Reproductive Health

Our booth brings in the crowd by asking them what they know about reproductive health and handing out pads and tampons.  We talk about the reproductive cycle, what a period is, and how fertilization occurs.  We also discuss how to track your own reproductive cycle.  We’ll have demonstration examples of reusable pads and menstrual cups for people to look at, and we’ll give away reusable pads and Diva Cups for women who are especially interested.

Smoking and Its Effects

This booth aims to promote smoking cessation and prevent non-smokers from trying cigarettes.  We use educational displays of preserved normal lungs and and lungs from a smoker.  We also help patrons understand what emphysema feels like through lung capacity reduction simulations.

Sports Nutrition

This booth highlights the importance of receiving adequate nutrition before and after physical activity.   We emphasize the necessary nutrients to fuel the body for optimal performance and recovery.  We will have educational displays with fuel timing, types of fuel, and basic information on why adequate nutrition is necessary.

STD’s – Women

This booth educates women on common STD’s, their signs/symptoms, and how to prevent them. Emphasis should be given to asymptomatic STD’s. Community resources will also be recommended for further information and testing.

Stroke Prevention

This booth educates the public about what a stroke is, how to spot one, how to respond using the FAST technique, and what can be done to prevent a stroke.


WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children’s Program of Texas. WIC is a government program that seeks to provide healthcare and nutrition for expectant mothers or any mother with children under the age of five. Some questions that might be running through your head right now might be: Am I eligible? What specific services can WIC provide for me? Where can I get more information? All these questions and more will be answered by spending a few minutes at this booth.

Women’s Health

The United to Serve – Women’s Health booth will provide information regarding important women’s health issues, such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer, the HPV vaccine, breast cancer, self-breast exams, mammograms and general information about menopause and osteoporosis. We will also present information regarding mental health and depression, as well as pregnancy health and safety. Depending on the age group of participants, it may also be important to include information about hygiene and practices regarding both sexual activity and periods/menstruation. We will present guidelines for breast cancer screening and Pap testing. Women will have the chance to practice the self-breast exam using plastic models. We will also provide informational handouts and instructional plastic shower cards for self-breast exams.