3 Point Challenge

Each participant will have 5-10 chances to shoot three-point shots, volunteers will keep kids organized and engaged and will keep the top 10 or scores on a scoreboard. This way, participants can compete for the top score!

Bean Bag Toss

In this simple game, volunteers will provide participants with three beanbags. Participants will try to toss the bean bags through the hole in target.

Darts/Balloon Popping

Volunteers will fill many balloons with helium and attach them to a backboard. Participants will throw darts at the balloons, and any balloons they pop will be worth different ticket amounts (based on color).

Disc Golf

Volunteers will set up a target and have participants try to throw a frisbee so it lands in the target. Participants will have 3 frisbee throws.

Duck Pond

A favorite of the little ones, volunteers will simply allow participants to pick their favorite rubber duck. All the ducks are floating in a kiddie pool and have a different number of reward tickets written in Sharpie on the bottom. Participants simply choose a duck and receive the reward on the bottom of the duck.

Football Toss

Volunteers will set up a target with holes and the participants will try to throw the ball through the target. Participants will have three attempts to send a football through the target.

Four Square

Volunteers will draw a four-square box on the black-top with chalk and facilitate (and play!) four-square games using a kickball.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Volunteers will help organize participants and monitor them as they race through the provided inflatable equipment.

Knock-em-down Baseball Toss

In this classic carnival game, volunteers will stack 6 pins and participants will get 3 throws to knock all of the pins down.

Prizes Table

Volunteers will oversee the trading of Games tickets for prizes and knick-knacks!

Radar Gun Baseball Throw

Volunteers will assist UTPD in allowing participants to throw a baseball as fast as they can. UTPD will have a radar gun so participants can see just how fast they can throw a baseball.

Ring Toss

In this classic game for all ages, volunteers will give participants 3 chances to land a ring around a peg.

Soccer Dribbling

Volunteers will set up two short courses that participants will dribble through slalom style, racing their opponent. The winner will be the participant who makes it through the course first.  Volunteers will also time participants with a stopwatch to see who can finish fastest.

Soccer Shootout

Volunteers will set up a small soccer goal that participants will kick a soccer ball through. Participants will give have 3 tries to make a goal.

Water Station

Volunteers will provide water to carnival attendees and ensure no one is getting dehydrated.